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Driving Lessons COVID-19: A Guide

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Driving Lessons Covid-19

With the announcement that driving lessons can resume in Scotland from 24/08/2020, we’ve created this handy guide so that you know what to expect from driving lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you’re looking forward to restarting driving lessons next week or are ready to book lessons for the first time, there will be some differences from driving lessons pre-lockdown. Read on to find out what driving lessons will be like for the foreseeable future, so there will be no surprises when you sit behind the steering wheel for the first time.

Bring Your PPE

As you will be sitting next to your instructor for at least an hour or two, it’s important to wear your personal protective equipment (PPE). We recommend wearing a facemask while you’re in the car to make sure that you are both protected. If you don’t already have a facemask, they have become widely available and can be found in most shops and online retailers. 

Wash Your Hands Before and After Driving Lessons

Washing your hands more regularly is one of the best ways to limit the spread of the virus. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after your lesson. Why not bring a small bottle of hand sanitiser with you to be extra-safe? 

Be Prepared To Have Your Temperature Checked

Your instructor may choose to check your temperature before your lesson begins. This is to ensure that you are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19, which may put your instructor and their other students at risk.

Driving Lessons COVID-19 Temperature Check

Cancel Your Driving Lesson If You Have COVID-19 Symptoms

If you have a driving lesson booked but begin to show symptoms of COVID-19, you must cancel your lesson and self-isolate. Failing to do so puts not only your driving instructor at risk but their other students and anyone they come in contact with. 

Symptoms of COVID-19 include a new, continuous cough, a high temperature, and a loss of taste or smell. 

Visit the NHS website for more information.

Be Prepared To Take Some Extra Lessons

If you’ve already had some driving lessons, but had to stop driving due to lockdown restrictions, be prepared to have a few extra lessons. You most likely haven’t driven for over 6 months, so it will take some time to get back up to speed. Don’t be discouraged by this, it’s to be expected, and everyone will be in the same position. The extra practice will be sure to make you a better driver in the long run. 

Revise Your Theory

It’s also probably been a while since you’ve passed your Theory Test or revised the Highway Code. Be sure to revise your driving theory before you head out on your first lesson back. We recommend using Driving Test Success Anytime for this.

Driving Lessons COVID-19 - Book Driving Test and Theory Test

Book Your Test Early (Ask Your Instructor)

You will need to book your Practical Driving Test earlier than normal, due to the backlog of tests created by the UK going into lockdown. Make sure that your instructor is happy for you to book your test and that they are available before you do this.

Have Fun

Most importantly relax and have fun. Learning to drive is a key stage in your life, and you should enjoy it. Be sure to follow our guide to keep yourself and your instructor safe, but take the time to have fun as you learn. 

If you have any questions about driving lessons, we’d love to hear from you. Call us on 0800 371055, email:, or complete our contact form at the bottom of the page. 


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