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Corporate Driver Training and Development

Anyone who drives other than to one standard place of work is classed as driving on business. Regardless of whether in a company vehicle or their own car.


Your Obligation to Health and Safety at Work

According to the Department for Transport, Drivers on work related journeys account for more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents. Laws on Health and Safety are not confined solely to the workplace but also apply to any driver on the road while on work related business. This also applies to drivers commuting to work but only when it is not their usual place of work. A common example is driving to a work related meeting.

All businesses should manage the risks to drivers as part of your health and safety policy.

If you are responsible for staff you’ll be aware of the wide range of health & safety laws designed to protect employees from coming to any harm while in the workplace. You may well have heard of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 – a law which many have unfortunately failed to take seriously. The act is designed to encourage employers to take reasonable steps to ensure their employees are safe while at work – failing to do so is now treated as a criminal offence in the event of a fatality in the workplace. This means a company can be prosecuted under this act and punishments can include financial penalties that can exceed annual turnover.  Negative publicity will follow and it will almost certainly affect future business.

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSW Act) – states you must ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all employees while at work. You must also ensure that others are not put at risk by your work-related driving activities. The self-employed have similar responsibilities.

For more information visit the goverment site –

Corporate Manslaughter    H&S at Work 1974


Ask yourself

  • Are our drivers driving safely?
  • Does their eyesight meet the legal requirements?         
  • Are their licences valid and up to date?
  • Do they have recent or pending convictions?
  • Do they check the condition of their vehicles?
  • Do they carry out daily vehicle checks?
  • Do they drive our vehicles sympathetically?
  • Do they drive legally?
  • Do they respect other road users?
  • Do they drive economically?

Our Driving Courses

Our driving courses are bespoke to suit your needs and driver availability. We can supply you just a basic check on a drivers credentials along with a risk assessment to a full defensive/fuel efficient driving presentation and practical one on one in vehicle training.

We can provide this service for cars, vans, minibuses, buses and trucks.

For more information please visit the following pages –

Fuel efficiency   MIDAS Minibus  Defensive Driver Training    Risk Assessment


One of our experts will be happy to discuss with you what is best for your needs.

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