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Free Digital Driving Lesson

Free Digital Driving Lesson - Pass Drive Driving School

Zoom with Us

It’s time to get real. Have a free digital driving lesson on us. You might be itching to get into a car for the first time to start your driving experience and things haven’t quite went to plan. We share your frustrations here as Covid19 has impacted what should be an exciting time for you.

So instead of bringing the car to you, we are going to kick start your learning experience by bringing YOU to US with our FREE and interactive ‘Zoom with Us’ service.

Our free digital driving lesson is designed so that when we get the green light to start the practical lessons, you will have some knowledge of what to expect from your first lesson before you even step in the car.

The ‘Zoom with Us’ sessions last approximately 1 hour and will give you a chance to speak to instructors in ‘real-time’ and prepare you for what is to come. The ultimate goal for us is to feel you have confidence and a clear understanding about what to expect when you start the practical learning.

Sounds great right? We anticipate high levels of demand for the free campaign so contact us below by completing this form and we will send the zoom link.