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Potential Earnings

As a general rule, in the driving instructor business you write your own pay cheque.

No more asking the boss for overtime or “Can I have a day off”, you are the boss and your wage depends on the hours you choose to work each week, and also the level of commitment you are prepared to put into your business.

As an instructor you could be enjoying average weekly earnings of between £600 and £900 each week. Some instructors would be content with half that amount each week. You decide what you want to earn, will it be a primary income or a secondary income? Your weekly earnings would all be down to you.

Hours Gross Earnings* Approximate operating costs** Weekly Income
50 £1400 £210 £1190
45 £1260
40 £1120 £190 £930
35 £980 £180 £800
30 £840 £170 £670
25 £700 £161 £539
20 £560 £152 £408

* All figures based on our current rate for lesson prices of £28.00 per hour

** Operating costs include vehicle and pupil introduction fees

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