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Instructor Training

ADI Training Courses at PassDrive


We offer quality driving instructor training to allow people to become qualified and confident instructors whether they wish to join us or be completely independent.


Courses can be complete for those just starting or partial for those who have already undertaken some training.


Would you like?

  • A job with prospects?
  • Job satisfaction?
  • Control?
  • Independence?


As a driving instructor you will have the flexibility to

  • decide your hours and organise your own diary.
  • have earning potential of £800+ per week
  • work independently or as part of a team
  • decide your own working area
  • choose your car
  • No experience necessary

The Pass Drive instructor Training course provides you with the opportunity to achieve all of the above and more.

In order to qualify as a driving instructor you have to complete a criminal record check and apply to the DVSA to be added onto the instructors register which we will provide help with. There are then three tests which you need to pass in order to become qualified. For more information on these visit this page    Qualifying Tests



Courses and Training

Our courses are designed to allow flexible training around your prior commitments and work with training available from 2hour sessions to an intensive one full week of training. When you contact us our advisor will discuss the options and help you make the best decision based on your requirements.

For more information on course costs please visit this page    Course Cost Options


Potential earnings

This page gives an example of what you could potentially earn    Potential Earnings


Become a PassDrive Instructor??

This is an option open to anyone doing their training with us get more information here    PassDrive Instructors


Here are some of the areas that we currently cover if your area is not on the list please contact us as not all covered areas are listed on this website.

Fife    Glasgow    Liverpool  Manchester   Kirkcaldy